25 September 2006

workaday week

so we broke in our new rome purchases this weekend: we wore our new shoes (freshly sprayed nubuck!) in the mud and rain of the renaissance festival. this was a good thing, because the spray can said, "spray, let dry. spray again. after wearing shoes in wet weather, spray again." so we got it all done in one day! when we got home, we wiped the mud and stray grass off our shoes and sprayed 'em down.

we also used our new camera to take some pictures of fire eaters, faerie [fairy] houses and jousting.

it was a good warm-up for europe: turkey legs and onion rings, steins (and plastic dixie cups) of beer, men in kilts getting cash from the atm, a knight in shining armor answering his cell phone. the old mingled with the new.

and we started packing our suitcases last night! yay!

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Dan & Christine Lawson said...

Hey you two! We just found your blog through Shannon Erickson! How are you doing? I can't believe you were in Europe! You should've just come all the way to Asia too!! Great to hear that you were able to have such a wonderful adventure!! Take care and keep up this great blog!