14 September 2007

we're here!

yes, we made it. and all in one piece, with the exception of our suitcase (which apparently found itself in the middle of a airline-sponsored tug-o-war match, which clearly ended in a tie, with a leg of ryan's pajama pants waving in defeat through a seam.)
we just checked out of kennedy hotel and are on our way to termini to catch our train to civitavecchia to catch our boat! yay!
hope all is well at home; we'll write again as soon as we can.


Dawn said...

Oh, YAY!!!! We finally hear from you!! I LAUGHED at the part about Ryan's pajama leg waving in defeat! That was so funny. I'm glad you're fine. Looking forward to pictures and hearing about your Indian lunch yesterday in Rome. Sammy is fine. I miss you!!! XOXOX Mom

Kathy said...

It was great to hear that you arrived safely and everything is as it should be except for your suitcase, of course. That was very funny! Can't wait to hear about your ship experiences....!

Hope your commish meeting goes well. :-). The power has definitely gone to your stand-in commissioner's head. The league may be in chaos when you return.

Love & miss you guys- Mom

FYI- Dad has his MRI today. We'll keep you posted on that.

Anonymous said...

K...glad you're both having fun.

Ryan, ...can you send Amy home? Thanks.

-The entire Open Door staff.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You are probably boarding the ship right now! Yay! What fun. The tune of "The Love Boat" is playing in my head. Praying for your fun adn safety! As always an avid fan of your travel journalings, Auntie Kath