03 October 2006

do as the romans do.


our first italian meal: complete with bottled water.
because that's what they keep bringing us.

look! there's me, walking among ruins!

yup. those are gladiators. smoking gladiators.
i think they were waiting for a bus.

and this is what the romans do! :)

we slept until noon today. we were up late last night--walking around outside until about two, and then reading our guide books to figure out what we wanted to do today! so we ate breakfast for lunch, and i guess we're doing this instead of a siesta this afternoon, since we figure we already had one this morning!

we never know what time it is. neither of us owns a watch, and although we have my cell phone with (which is my primary timepiece!), it can't find service here! and so we wander around, always kind of wondering what time it is. it's a bit disorienting. we've entertained the idea of buying a watch here, or at least a clock, but then we wonder if it's maybe good for us to be so unscheduled...

it's also really hot here. i don't know what we were thinking, but we expected it to be - i don't know - fall here, i guess. and we definitely packed for a minnesota fall. but it's like minnesota july here. lovely weather, but not for most of the clothes we brought! and it seems that jeans and a t-shirt is quite an acceptable outfit here, contrary to what expected. so, needless to say, we're already recycling items in our suitcase!



Anonymous said...

i am so jealous. my husband has been just DYING to go to italy... and now, after seeing that amazing cappucino, i am too!

drink one (or eight) caps for me, wouldja?

love you guys!

Stephanie said...

I MISS YOU. love stephanie:)

lisa b said...

OK, so the other pictures are pretty cool too. You're missing the box-elder bug infestation and some other pretty unimportant stuff. So, in short, you might not want to come home. But we want you to!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweeth! Pictures! Look at you little Romanites. If being Roman requires you to have 3 three hour meals a day, than I am definitly in! I keep walking by your cube Amy and being surprised that your not there. Talk about time being weird....we already need you home. We miss you.

Keep the pictures coming.


Anonymous said...

We are having so much fun reading about your trip! Love the pictures! Keep the news coming. We feel like we are on the trip with you. Be careful. Carma

Anonymous said...

AMY! Work is just not the same without you. I emailed you to say good morning and I'm still waiting for a response. Anyway, it seems like you guys are having a blast! I love seeing the pictures! Enjoy every minute you are there... even though it means two weeks away from me. Matt and I will plan our next double date since you are busy touring Italia right now! Miss you guys! - Lisa & Matt