07 October 2006

on top of spaghetti...

is it terrible if we think we might be getting tired of italian food already? we just feel like all we ever do is eat, walk, eat, sleep, eat some more, and then look at some ruins. and eat again. we're not complaining, of course(!), but we just don't think we'll be hitting up the olive garden anytime soon after we get back. ;)

we didn't go to the bathroom at the mcdonald's at the pantheon, but we did go to one in florence yesterday. and i gotta tellya: one of the oddest things we have experienced to date. it was like a night club inside! bumping music, black lights, dark wood and chrome furniture...and a mcdollar menu, or whatever they call it. pretty funny. the bathroom was not amazing. but better than a lot of them...

after we blogged yesterday in florence, we ate lunch and spent the majority of the afternoon - you guessed it - walking around. and looking at old buildings. we saw an amazing church, huge with beautiful stained glass. can't remember what it was called. we mostly wandered around the whole afternoon until we ended up at the Galleria Academia: the home of Michelangelo's David. (Stephie and Mom: i saw a Strataverius!) Honestly, it was pretty breathtaking to see the thing for real, in person. it's enormous and detailed and beautiful. and incredible that someone spent two years working on that one project.

after the david, we decided to look for a hotel. we'd gleened a recommendation in passing from a couple of aussies, and headed toward that hotel. it was booked. we decided to try the hostel; it was also full. so then we wandered from hotel to motel, asking, "rooms available?" and getting turned away. beginning to feel a bit anxious (we both pictured us huddling on the dirty floor of the smoking train station all night), we stopped and offered up a pleading prayer. the next hotel we entered was the hotel paris. it was old, and our room was tiny, but they gave us a deal on their last room, because it was so late in the night. and it included breakfast!

we spent most of today walking around florence with no goal in mind, just enjoying the city. and now we're back at our, um, compound, enjoying a peroni (thanks, steve hanson), and watching italia vs. ucraina. fun, fun.

please continue to leave comments on our posts! it's such fun, and it's the first thing we look at after we drop our euros for the internet access! :)


AngGarv said...

it is so much fun reading your blog! its fun to hear everything that is going on with you two... ****my eyes are closed**** kinda feel like im there too... i close my eyes and i can almost see the ruins, and taste that pasta.... sigh... this is the life isnt it! ***opened my eyes** yea, it didnt work! (Yes, Im a dork!)

Keep blogging! Keep taking Pictures! We miss you! And keep havin fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe.
Love you.

Terri said...

Hey there traveling Garvins! Wish you were closer so we could grab a cup 'o joe!
Hope you are loving it in Italy! I really am enjoying your blogs! Keep them up!
Terri Griswold
Bucharest, Romania

kevin rogness said...

Hey you guys,
not sure if you found out yet, but we had a baby last monday, the 2nd.
A boy named Harrison Allen Rogness.
He is a great baby and wants to meet the two of you very much. Have a great time and talk with you when we see you in church

-kevin, brooke, and harrison rogness

joel and joleen said...

Garv...the Waylays are in full force the past two weekends! Scored over 100 points each week and won. Joleen is excited to see your pictures and get that Creative Memories book started. We miss you guys and wish you the best during your last week in Italy.

Steven & Shannon said...

Hey Kevin... not sure if you'll check this or not, but this is Shannon Overland (HLA '97). Congrats on your baby! It would be fun to hear from you! Please e-mail: sands1198@yahoo.com. I've tried you many times, but the e-mail I have for you two doesn't work.


~ Shannon Overland-Erickson (www.sands1198.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

A real one?! Saawweet. Remeber when we went to see Madori, and I shook her hand cleverly replying "good job"? She played a strad, I think.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I forgot to say that that was my comment up there^
Looove, Stephanie