11 October 2006

india house

there are beautiful churches everywhere.
piazza della repubblica at night.

this is what we look like a lot, here: eating by a fountain.

so...sounds like it's pretty cold there. and SNOW, we hear?! we've been sweating in t-shirts here; don't be too surprised if we never come back there!

no balloon ride yesterday - apparently they're closed for the season. bummer. we did wander around the park, though. and we went to the borghese gallery. lovely art, big names, a great experience. it's AMAZING what those guys could do with a big hunk of marble! then we had dinner, wandered over to the spanish steps and had roasted chestnuts. sorry, they were not impressive. we tossed most of them.

tonight, after a long day of sightseeing, we ran across, of all things, an INDIAN restaurant. we stepped in and it smelled like home (which, of course, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense)! but it was so great to eat some spicy food, with all the different flavors we've been missing! yay!

mom, i'm sorry the commenting didn't work out so well for you! i'm glad you came and checked it out, though - and i was so excited to tell you about eating the indian in italy! ;)


Being in Rome and communicating with the people (or trying to) has made us really truly appreciate the "Minnesota niceness" - or maybe it's American niceness, as Amy pointed out.



Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see all the pictures and hear all about your international experiences! How fun to be able to do a trip together....YOu will be talking about this for years! Enjoy your last couple days and I look forward to seeing you soon! Love, Joleen and family

Steven & Shannon said...

Hi Ryan! This is Shannon Overland (HLA '97). SOOO fun to stumble upon your blog! It looks/sounds like you two are having an amazing time over there! I would love to hear from you when you return. Just wondering what you've been up to in the past few years! Feel free to visit our blog.

Blessings and safe journeys,
Shannon Overland-Erickson (www.sands1198.blogspot.com)

e-mail: sands1198@yahoo.com

Kathy said...

Almost time for you to come back to the good old USA! YAY! Is it too much to expect that we get to talk to you on Sunday night? We can't wait!

Praying for a safe journey home to Minnesota.
We love you

Anonymous said...

Ok, fun and wonderful, beautful and tasty...we get it. Now get home to us nice Americans who miss you dearly!

Scott Elliot Madison III Esq.

julie said...

hey, i feel like you've slacked off during the latter part of your trip. didn't you do anything?