28 May 2007

holding sick babies

this morning, we went to Sisters of Charity (some orphans, but mostly just very sick babies) to hold babies. it was so sad... i picked up a couple different babies that were crying in their cribs, and they stopped immediately and were happy just to be held. but they sobbed as soon as i put them back down. there were just SO MANY babies. i held a 2-year-old that weighed 12 lbs. we were there over lunch time, and i sat on the floor and fed a few of them: cooked veggies over rice, from a tin bowl. i was so sad to leave.

all: thank you SO MUCH for your comments! it's been so fun to read, from family AND friends! much love... amy


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how saddening that was. How hard to put them down, poor lonely little babies. I'm glad you held and loved them for a little while in their probably short lives. No doubt a disturbing thing to see. Bless you for doing the hard jobs along with the more colorful ones (i.e. painting!) I guess you now know where to find Haitian babies...

Love, Kath

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
I have tried to send you a comment a few times, but each time I send, it disappears into thin air-never to be seen again.

Thanks for taking the time to blog. You have such a gift of expressing your experiences. How heart breaking to know that the babies are crying just to be held and loved. My heart hurts thinking of that. (BTW, We wouldn't mind having a Haitian grandchild)

We are looking forward to a full report when you get home. You should know, there is a young man in St. Paul whose life is in disarray without you. :-)

praying for you,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I am praying all is still going well with you there and that you have just been too busy to write! I feel a wee bit relieved to just hear a little report form you each day. I am an avid fan of all your writings:) may God bless the work of your hands this day...

Love, Me Again ( Kath )

Dawn said...

Oh, it is heart-rending to read again of your time with those tiny babies. I just don't know how a person could walk away from an experience like that and not be changed. Who will hold those babies and feed those babies when you are not there? I am sad for them now. Today. I want for them to have families. It's a good reminder to continue to pray for those who take care of those children every day. I think of chubby, healthy, little Cohen and how loved and pampered and wanted he is. I wish that were true for every baby. Thank you, Amy, for holding those babies,even just for awhile.