22 May 2007

sweaty and tired

it's raining here. POURING. marilyn and i almost got washed away down the street when we were booking it back to our hotel from dinner tonight. we're staying partway up the steep road up the mountain... so all the water sweeps all the garbage down the road to the lower parts.

(ryan must have recorded our brief phone conversation last night, because he wrote it so perfectly! it's amazing to have someone mirror my thoughts and emotions like that.)

one correction: Haiti is currently in the same time zone as MN - apparently they never sprang ahead.

today we cleaned and sanded and painted. very dusty. i'm still picking my nose. just kidding (not really). there isn't as much done in the house as i was expecting. like, there's no toilet. and we were there ALL DAY. use your imagination. no, don't.

it smells like india here. that may be because i haven't been to many other countries. i don't know, but i think i could fall in love. there are so many beautiful people and palm trees and flowers and fruits. but there's so many potholes and trash piles, and i'm not supposed to eat the fruit. a word on the potholes: it's a lie. there aren't potholes; the roads are one big pothole. like, i think many people would be nervous to drive their off-road vehicles here, but pastor dio
said about his compact car's tires (by way of explaining their relative longevity), "the tires know they are in haiti."

thank you for your prayers.



Anonymous said...

Amy! I love you and hope you have an amazing, fun, SAFE time:)! We pray for you every time we eat. And go to bed. And think about you!

I can't wait for you to get back so I can hear all about it and look at your pictures!

Love you!

Kevin said...

I am having some trouble getting the bulletin proof to upload to this blog. I'm not sure what to do. If we can't proof the bulletin, there won't be a bulletin and without a bulletin, we can can't have church. I'll talk to Sandi about this technical difficulty that we hadn't anticipated. I'm sure we'll get the bulletin done somehow, someway.
PS - Hope things are going well. I have read all your posts so far.

Anonymous said...

Mom told me to tell you that Kim and Pete bought a house.
Love you!

Dawn said...

Okay. What is the the deal that before we can leave a message we had to type in the secret code exactly as it is printed. Is it just me, or are the letters wavy? And mooshed together? Are they trying to trick us? Are they hoping we are too stupid to copy the letters exactly as they appear? Is this some kind of TEST we have to pass to prove we are worthy of leaving a comment?!!!

My favorite comment this day was Pastor Dio's, "The tires know they are in Haiti." And I love the fact that you are able to see past the dirt and garbage and see the beauty of the souls living in Haiti.