31 May 2007

rice & beans, beans & rice

it's raining again! actually, it's storming, and i just heard one of the biggest claps of thunder i've ever heard. of course, the forecast is for rain tomorrow, too. i hope it doesn't rain much during the day, so we can spend time at the beach!

we didn't get to go to sisters of charity today. we drove there and banged on the gate and no one came. finally we caught someone's eye inside and they told us "no visitors today." marilyn thought it might be a holy day today. and steve told me i couldn't take a baby from there anyway - i'd have to be catholic. i told him i'd convert.

i woke up this morning with even MORE bites on my legs, and two on my hand. and oh! i didn't tell you: yesterday i got stung, TWICE, by the same bee! it stung my wrist and i reacted by brushing it off (before i saw what it was) and then it stung my shoulder. so now i have two more welts on my arm. i'm telling you - i'm falling apart. and my digestive system is really ready for my normal food. uff.

looking forward to being home!


Anonymous said...

Wait- aren't bees supposed to DIE after they sting you???? Shoot. Darn bee. Are you feeling better since May 30?? I hope so. I'm excited for you to come home!

Anonymous said...

Hoping your last day goes well! You have sustained many a bug bite boo boo! I bet your stomach will be happy to have it's ole' MN diet returned! Can't wait to see you and see pics and hear more details!

love, love, KATH xoxoxoxox

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Dawn said...

Hey...you didn't get a chance to post anything about your trip to the beach and the French food you ate. I hate that those bugs stang/ stung/ stinged you. I hope they died.