24 May 2007

White Girl: Out in the larger world

This is taken from an email Amy sent me tonight. It has been edited for your reading pleasure (I hope!):

today we painted a bubble gum room, a circus peanut room, and a robin's egg room. when i get home, i'm so painting every room of our house a different caribbean color. i love it. the splatters on my arm looked like a baby shower. i met a haitian today named eliphete. he's very polite and he liked the blue room the best. i said, "enchante" and he smiled. i'm pretty sure that means nice to meet you.

for dinner tonight i had an omelette de la creole (or something) - an omelet with peppers, onions, tomatoes and some creole spices. and frites. we eat at the same restaurant every night - a couple blocks down the hill. stuff is really expensive where we're at. steve says it's because we're in Rich Haiti - which is still rather dumpy (to me).

i'm feeling a lot better than i was. i think i just needed to adjust to the scariness and the dirtiness of everything. you know? i probably did this in india, too, but i was so young, and it was such a different experience.

it's odd how WHITE my TAN skin looks here. i'm remembering how I stood out as a white girl in India. little kids on the street smile with their white, white teeth and wave at me as we drive by. and steve is like a celebrity. as we walk down the street, all the street vendors call, "Passa Steve! i have _____ for you! gooood price fo my friend!" he's trying to get me a deal on a beautiful hammock. the guy told him his best price was 60USD, and steve told him i'm poor, so he should think about it and we'd be back. ha.

i'm really going to go now. i'm going to go read a magazine. :)


Lisa said...

Ames- I visited your cube today. I will make sure to keep checking on it until you are back. :) It's been such a joy to read about your time in Haiti and to hear your voice as I read the words describing the places, the people and the food. I am so proud of you. Looking forward to your next blog! Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!! I am so glad things are going well thus far! I love hearing about what you are seeing and doing there... I sorta feel like I am walking thorugh the streets with you :) Praying, Praying, Praying...

Love, Kath

Dawn said...

I love how vividly you describe things from the colors of the rooms you painted to the food you ate, to the sights and smells and sounds of Haiti. Having you go there and report back is almost like going there myself. Remember, I told you that my heart would be in Haiti with you anyway! It's quite a trick to walk around here with only half a heart. I'm GLAD you're home now. Whatever happened to that hammock anyway? I like how you talked about it being so different taking this trip to Haiti than your trip to India. You were a different person then--just a child, really. Unmarried. Being older makes it a much different experience in so many ways.