30 May 2007


i gave Eliphete his Bible yesterday! he was very excited. in case you're wondering, it's pronounced something like "elephant" without the n. not like elephEEt.

yesterday i was on the roof (hanging over the edge - don't tell my mom), painting the edge of the building. it was very hot up there, and sunny. i put on lots of sunblock, though. steve was pouring water on me and making me drink a lot so i didn't get heat- or sun-stroke.

in response to one of the questions i've received: sorry - they don't have giraffes here. however, if i see another pig snuffling through a garbage pile, i'll try to take a picture.

we're hoping to finish up mephibosheth house today! we are planning on not being back there after today. we might go back to the sisters tomorrow...

depending on the weather, the plan is for us to go up to Kalico Beach on friday. it looks like it's going to rain, though. of course. it's in the upper 90s here every day, and then it rains every night, and it rained all day sunday and monday. but it would really be fun to see the caribbean, you know? and to maybe get some sun!

i woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffy/runny nose. also, my stomach has really kinda been bothering me since last night. i'd like to be able to be FULLY present for the last few days, and not feel icky. i'd really appreciate your prayers!



Lisa said...

I once again am amazed with the stories you share. The one about the babies was heart breaking but i'm glad you got to pour a little love into their lives. It's exciting to hear about the progress you guys have made at the Mephibosheth house! What an amazing gift you are giving to those children. We sure miss you around here!! Hope you get a little sun and that you are able to fully enter in your last days in Haiti. Miss and Love.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Enough of this craziness! COME HOME. We're totally a mess. Hatian babies are the only ones needing help. ;)

Miss you dearly.

Scott Elliot Madison III Esq.

Anonymous said...

Oh poo. I typed bad. That last statement doesn't work unless you change the "are" with "aren't". Ok. Get it?

Anonymous said...

DANGITT!!!! Now I forgot to sign my last message. I give up.


Dawn said...

I am making up for lost time sending all my comments after the fact. :-) It's fun to read others' comments. I'm glad I didn't know about you hanging over a roof to paint. I'm glad God protected you--even from the scary things I forgot to worry about.